About Twincel

Twincel is a FREE app for Android and iOS users and it has 3 products: an authentication system for employees (main product), an e-card digital wallet and ephonebook for the public.


Public users can authenticate employee corporate IDs by verifying and saving e-cards in a digital wallet where all cards are interactive; you may share e-cards with friends and family andcall/ email companies by tapping the contacts/emails in the e-card wallet.

Employees can use the ‘Office version’ in the mobile app to verify themselves as part of a particular company(s), access and share their e-cards online, view the company structure and communicate with colleagues in the organization’s official call/chat platform without sharing their personal numbers; no need for slow face to face sharing of business cards and sharing private numbers with colleagues.

Benefits of using Twincel Authentication System (TAS)

1. All information is genuine because it’s entered/altered by employers.

2. No waste business cards when employees change offices, get fired, quit, … All changes are real-time.

3. More business opportunities and brand visibility. E-cards are conveniently shared online using any phone.

4. Contact-private communication amongst employees.

5. No printing costs, procurement delays for E-cards.

Download twincel to check out and enjoy our secondary feature for everyone; the first ever ephonebook.

The ephonebook backs up your contacts/SMSs. In case of emergency, phone runs out of charge, gets stolen, ...use any phone to access your contacts/SMSs, call and text directly from the ephonebook without syncing them in other people’s mobile phones.

Benefits of the e-phonebook

Access without internet connection: After signing/logging in, syncing your backed up data, keep your ephonebook logged in. Even after restarting your phone and/or deleting your entire phonebook, access and restore your backed up contacts/SMSs without internet connection.

Data security: We believe in empowering our users to make a decision where they want to keep their data. it’s not a must to save your data with Twincel. Backup your data in either twincel, GoogleDrive, local memory and even your own server.

Use any android &iOS smartphone or tablet to access saved contacts/SMSs;anytime, anywhere around the world!

Safety, Accessibility, Connectivity!!


Amazingly simple!

You can download the Apps from

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