How it works


A company registers for an authentication platform by filling out a form. Team twincel verifies the information submitted before registering the company. Username and machine-generated password are sent to registered email.

Company Platform tabs

In the authentication platform, create the company structure, manage permission granted for the platform, verify your employees/members and set one-way or two-way communication rules of the organization.

NB: You must create/design the company structure before you add employee data.

Download twincel

Employees/ members and the public simply download twincel and sign up.

After logging in:

1. Employees/members head to ‘Office Version’ in the homepage. Enter ‘Company Name’ and ‘Employee code’ given by the HR or relevant authority managing the authentication platform.

E-cards for authenticated members are available in the office version by tapping the profile picture.

Share, verify and save e-cards in the digital wallet.

2. The public has a verification feature and digital wallet for verifying e-card information. To verify e-cards shared use the phone camera to scan the e-card or upload the e-card from your gallery.

Chat/Call platform

Chat with your colleagues without sharing your personal phone numbers and view your company structure. Your colleagues can only see your name, department and title.

We understand backing up is important to everyone. That’s why every member gets an ephonebook; the first of its kind patented by WIPO.

Why use Twincel?

Authentication: All data is verified by the registered companies and all updates are real-time.

Accessibility: Access the authentication feature and ephonebook, … using any android/iOS phone to call, text, verify and share e-cards.

Empowering the users: Users have options of selecting some or all contacts, SMSs, videos, pics,… they want to backup and where they want to back up: e-phonebook, google drive, local memory and/or your own server.

Security: All data is military-grade encrypted.

CSR: By using twincel authentication system and e-cards, you are giving back to the community by saving the millions of trees being cut to make business cards. Trees contribute directly to 90% of 1.2 billion people living in extreme poverty.

Business opportunity & brand visibility: E-cardsare interactive, accessible by the employees and the public using any android or iOS phone, can be shared online and have no amount limit.

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